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Do you feel like trying to be successful is just way too hard to reach these days? Feeling like you’re doing all you can to reach the top of your game, but just not getting to where you want to be? In today’s world we are in competition to become the best of the best […]


What Does Faith Have To Do With IT?

by Courtney Taylor on January 30, 2014

Do You Have Faith?

What Does Faith have to do with it? Have you been working really hard to make your New Year’s resolutions come to fruition? Have you literally tried everything, and it just seems to be impossible to keep your resolutions? Does it seem that the resolutions you have on your list this year are the same […]


Tired of Getting the Silent Treatment?

by Courtney Taylor on January 20, 2014

Are You Getting The Silent Treatment?

Tired of getting the silent treatment? Do you feel as if you have been spinning your wheels in all directions – praying, hoping, begging that just once, your inbox would be inundated with emails from companies wanting to interview you or that you? Are you trying to figure out why the fifty companies to which […]


How Companies are Similar to the NFL

by Courtney Taylor on January 12, 2014


How Companies are Similar to the NFL. What is similar to a company’s organizational structure and the NFL you might ask? They are both Strategic, they both Recruit, They both Plan Ahead, They both Attack, and they both know how to bring everyone together in a huddle to create the Best Winning Team! If we […]


Performance In the Marketplace

by Courtney Taylor on January 6, 2014

Performance In The Marketplace

Performance in the Marketplace Are you wondering why you still haven’t gotten the promotion you have been waiting for year after year? Many years have gone by and you’re still in the same position, with the same job function, working with the same people, and given the same responsibilities. You never truly feel appreciated for your hard work and effort that you put into the […]


New Year, New You, New Goals

by Courtney Taylor on January 2, 2014

New Year, New Career, New You

New Year, New Year, New Goals. What does that Mean for 2014?   2013 went out with a bang, but 2014 is here. Are you ready to have the best year of your life? I’m calling this year “The year of Increase” Increase in the marketplace, finances, ministry, relationships, health, etc.. all aspects of life. […]


Believe in Yourself

by Courtney Taylor on December 11, 2013

Believe In Yourself

I received this article from a friend and thought I should share it with you. Often times people ask,” Courtney, why are you so successful?”  The number one answer is that I believe in myself. I know that there isn’t anything I can’t accomplish.   I often have to be my biggest cheerleader. In order […]