Top Dollar 930 But does your employer know that???

  • When was the last time that you got recognized for the great efforts you bring to your job every day?
  • When was the last time that you got a bonus for the great talents and skills you bring to the table?
  • Are you tired of reading job postings that offer a salary that is far below your worth?

(That last part is key)

If you do not properly communicate your skills and talents to those around you, you are literally robbing them of something that they desperately deserve!

What you need are the proper tools to be able to communicate your skills and talents effectively to those around you.  You want your employer or customers to hear you and respond, “I CANNOT LET THIS PERSON GO. THIS PERSON MUST BE A PART OF OUR TEAM!”

The best part?

You feel as if you hit the lottery! ZERO GUILT! You know that you are going to be an integral part of this team, and you will be compensated well for your skills and talents!!

MWC Intro 930 MWC Courtney 930Yes, my friends, one-on-one individualized training where you will learn the following:

  • How to get directly in front of the hiring managers so they want to hire “YOU,” the professional!
  • How to “Seal the Deal” on the first interview and walk away with a signed contract.
  • Learn the tools that will set you apart from everyone else in today’s competitive marketplace (utilizing Social Media and creating an “EYE POPPING” Resume)
  • How to effectively communicate to the hiring managers so that you not only seal the deal, but also overcome any obstacles, negotiate the highest salary, get a “Sign-On Bonus” and much more.

MWC How 930

Drum roll, please!

Just you + me! A 90 minute chat (one and a half hours)!!!! You will learn how to stand out in today’s overcrowded marketplace utilizing innovative technology that will set you apart from your competitors.

The next day we will revise your Linked In profile into dominate your specific target market. I will educate you on key skills to properly attract the decision makers, not just utilizing Linked In, but teaching you offline tools as well. (8 complete total platforms that will give you 15 new skills to add to your resume when you complete this course).

During our time together, we will share the desktop tool so I can see your computer.  I will guide you step by step through the entire process.

In addition, you will receive the following: Mp3 recordings of each conversation we have; personalized notes; scripting that will help you with communication in many different areas; and specific tools that will help you grow your wealth! Valued at over $ 550!  I offer this as a bonus to you! (This is only the beginning of your 2 month journey spent with me.  In these months, I will equip you for success in an overcrowded marketplace.)

After I have given you all of these valuable tools, we will reconnect in a few weeks to make sure you are using them correctly and that you are on target.  I will make sure you know how to properly communicate with the hiring managers to lock down the position.  I will teach you how to become so efficient and so effective that these managers can’t see their companies without you being a part of their organization.

Last, but certainly not least:  After locking down the position, my ultimate goal is to position you to get promoted, earn a raise, gain a bonus, and continue moving up in the organization within in a 6 month time period or less.

This is NOT your average recruiting service!!!!!

I’m the type of coach who literally guides you every step of the way. You will receive specific instructions to land the job all on your own! You and I are going to work one-on-one together for a total of 5 hours in 4 separate phone calls I will EDUCATE you how to showcase your LinkedIn profile to become the number one candidate.

MWC Test 1 Hendra 930

After I take out my magic wand and wave it over you, you’ll be saying:


And then all you’ll have left to do is celebrate your success!

MWC Perfect 930

Employee-preneurs + Employees who are looking to gain employment or further their career by climbing the corporate latter.

No Debbie Downers!

Only positive business-minded people who are committed and devoted to wanting to gain success, but have hit a few stumbling blocks along the way.

Employees wanting to transition into entrepreneurs who are exceedingly talented but often times feel stuck and need a push in the right direction, those who will not throw in the towel, but seek wise counsel to stay the course.

MWC Test 2 930  MWC Why 930

Individuality - I strategically customize a plan according to each client’s needs. Everyone is different and no two people are alike. No cookie cutter methods here.  (I don’t believe in group coaching) It simply doesn’t work for what I teach!

Licensing - My team has licenses behind them to professionally write resumes as well as use the ATS tracking system that 90% of companies are utilizing today to scan resumes for a variety of things such as key words, descriptions, formation, layout, grammar etc..

Response - I have a 48 hour policy. I get back to my clients within a 24-48 hour time span. Most companies work 9-5 M-F where I am more readily available to see you succeed.  I’m ALWAYS available via email, and I will schedule time for a call. WHAT BUSINESS COACH PROVIDES THAT SERVICE?

Authenticity - I am real and speak the truth. There is no hype and no fluff. If you’re looking for hype, you have COME TO THE WRONG place.  I give you tactical principles that you can apply immediately to get REAL results!

Education – I’m one that practices what SHE preaches. I “always” stay on top of the latest trends in my industry by receiving coaching from the TOP industry leaders. This is what makes me on the cutting edge and allows me to teach you what others may not know.

I’ve personally coached with the following people: Anthony Robbins, Dani Johnson, Marie Forleo, Dale Carnegie Training, Andy Rinehart, Amy Porterfield, Princess Bola Adolani (just to name a few).

If I don’t know something, I have team of people, whom I can tap into that can get me the answers. I’m not going to act as if I know it all. I’m upfront and honest.


MWC Cost 930

  The total Marketing with Courtney package normally sells for over $1500 but today you can choose to get my program for only: $975 and up…. (depending on your career level)

1st Call is 1.5 hours What you can expect from this call (valued at $281.75)

  • 8 ways to land a career in a down economy
  • How to get directly in front of the hiring managers
  • How to optimize your linked in profile with the right keywords, title, outline, formatting etc…
  • Learn the key elements behind Linked In Social media Platform
  • Understand the core concepts of how to stand out in a crowded marketplace other than using a traditional resume.

2nd Call is 1.5 hours What you can expect from this call (valued at $281.75)

  • Learn how to ask for an interview
  • Get the hiring manager to schedule you for an interview
  • Lock down the interview on the first shot
  • Overcome behavioral based questioning
  • How to overcome obstacles
  • Leadership skills, Personality traits, and Team building strategies
  • Climb the corporate ladder and get promoted quickly

You will be provided with scripts that will help you throughout the interviewing process. (valued at $350)

3rd Call is 1 hour What you can expect from this call: (Skype is recommended for this call, but not required) valued at $187.50

  • Mock interviewing where you have the ability to role play one- on- one with Courtney.
  • Experience what it will be like to sit in the hot seat.
  • Learn tonality, body language and positioning before getting to the initial interview.
  • This is the opportunity to make mistakes and learn from them before you have your one shot to impress the big guys.
  • Practice makes perfect so we will do several takes in order to make sure you get it right!
  • Remember this call is recorded so you can always go back and listen to it for review.(valued at over $150)

4th Call is 1 hour What you can expect from this call (valued at 187.50)

  • This is a review call and allows you to ask me any questions you may have. By this point you have gone through 3 weeks of working one on one with me. You have been given assignments and have been able to track your progress. Most clients have questions about certain things that they may be experiencing. This is normal especially when you are being introduced to new materials. This also allows us to take a look at the progress you have made within the last 3 weeks.   We can review anything that needs tweaking, reinforcing or adjusting. I don’t expect you to get everything in the first shot so this class is an added bonus.
  • My goal is to take you further and teach you some very unique techniques that you can take with you into the marketplace to go from 6 months or less to getting your first promotion. By this point you will have interviewed with several companies and most clients get employed within their first month of working with me. All it takes is following directions, applying what you learn, and doing the work! If you can do these simple things, the results will come naturally!


 MWC Test 3 Tim 930

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